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Posted by: anushka Pvt on 03/23/2015

ESET Smart security 6

ESET Smart security 6 Features 
ESET Advanced Memory Scanner - More and more malware is encrypted or disguised to evade detection. New ESET Advanced Memory Scanner technology is able to detect these files in memory and stop them. 
Exploit blocker - is an additional layer of protection that protects applications that are known to be highly exploitable (for example, browsers, mail clients and pdf readers). 
Vulnerability Shield - provides robust protection against attempts to exploit known network vulnerabilities. 
Specialized cleaners - are designed to remove complex malware from your computer. The status icons that indicate the protection status of a computer have been unified for better usability.
Device control - allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters and permissions and select how users can access and work with devices including disk storage, CD/DVD-ROM and FireWire storage devices. .